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Wow Thrill

Unripe plantain have never been my thing although I let it fill my tummy, but on very rare occasions tho… I’ld rather have the ripe version of it, fried or cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner without bothering about healthy eating.

Potatoes on the other hand when fried  do as small chops for me any time, any day; I just love those little yam-like things, and it’s only about 3 weeks back since I learnt that these ‘little yams’ could actually be cooked too (maybe everyother person knew this) but still I’m amazed at how nice it can come out being heated in water and not oil. 

Now having a combo of potato and unripe plantain pottage for dinner is new for me, with the ‘very’… but trust me, the taste is nothing like I’ve ever had I’m still unsure how to describe that rare kindda sensation of chewing into these African rich foods with the taste of really tiny dried fish inbetween each bite all mixed in fresh palm oil… uuhhh the thought just makes me yearn for more. I’ve definetly missed alot for a life time.

Aside from missing out on the good taste, there’s also the great health benefits. Potato promotes weight gain, for a skinny foodie like myself, this is very important. the potatoe also helps for skin care, treats scurvy, rheumatism, kidney stones, diarrhea, prevents cancer and heart diseases, lower blood pressure, aids in proper functioning of the brain, and reduces inflammation plus alot of other benefits.

while the unripe plantain enriches the heart, treats anemia, it’s a good meal for weight loss err and healthy eating, prevents ulcer, helps in the bowel movements, helps for stronger bones and boosts sexual performance plus alot of other benefits too.

I slept real good last night after such a near heaven dinner, and I think I found a new love…don’t blame me for discovering this only now, I’m disappointed in me enough. Now let’s make the Tuesday beautiful.

Hi lovelies

I’m Chigo, and uhm I  just recently opened this blog and I’m completely clueless on what to write right now, but I’ll certainly  share some inspirational talks about personal issues, and lots of trending and controversial stuffs too including food recipes. Yes!! that too, ‘coz I’m 1 food lover… I promise you’re never gon be bored on here. You can also share your challenges and opinion about things too and let’s talk about it.